Tracy 2012

My work reflects my own personal vulnerabilities, and how I perceive myself through my eyes as well as through the eyes of those around me. I’m intrigued by the juxtaposition of the naked female form and the protective facade we create around it. I like to peel away the layers to discover our true selves.

My sketchbook is full of figure studies that have developed into more detailed paintings. I usually start small and the image evolves becoming bold, colorful, and larger than life. I paint my canvases flat, un-stretched, so that the image continues around the side of the frame. I love not knowing what will end up on the edges.
I feel incredibly lucky to be able to help others through the creation and auctioning of my artwork for charity. I was artistic “heart” chair for the National Marfan Foundation for six years, giving me the ability to not only create, but give back to a cause that is so very close to me.

I received her Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts and my Master of Arts in Teaching from Monmouth University in Monmouth, New Jersey. I grew up in Hunterdon County, NJ where I currently teach middle school Art. I find it rewarding to give students an outlet to express themselves and teach what I love to do.